“To: The Fake Santa”

Humor has always been part of our family, it makes its way around every moment regardless of how serious or joyful the situation might be, I guess its our way of sharing hope and being positive as much as we can.

A few Christmas ago I found this on our Christmas tree. I wasn’t sure how to take it but it sure made me laugh:


Yes, the SANTA conversation had finally arrived and it definitely took me by surprise. I guess a lot of us have the same experience.  I always thought there would be a day when I would sit down on the couch with my kids and gracefully  blurt it out, they would take it nicely and our lives would go on.  No, it didn’t happen that way, not sure for how long they knew of Santa’s real identity but this is how they told me, with humor.

For as many years as I could keep the secret I tried hard to make this day special for my children. I went over my head getting them as much as I could, making all their wishes come true, I guess it was a way to compensate for how it felt seeing them open their presents with only one parent next to them.


Honestly today I don’t  see it that way, I don’t think it affected them as much as I thought it would.  I believe at the end I was really compensating for the fact that I was on my own and I didn’t have a  partner to experience that magical moment with me.

Christmas Day arrives and once more you drag yourself out of bed hopefully at 7 am in the morning to open the presents.  Still tired from last nights clean up, cooking, running around and getting things ready your feet can barely make it to the tree.

The morning is beautiful and joyful, you take a lot of pictures and with every new present that opens comes a surprise cheer, the living room is a  mess of broken boxes and gift paper.  A couple of hours later, its clean up time.  A reminder that once again, you did this on your own.

This happened to me every single Christmas until the secret was finally unveiled, until I found that wish list for the Fake Santa waiting for me on the tree. I’m very grateful to my children.

Somehow on that day I was liberated, I was finally freed from  being the sole guard and accomplice of a secret that to me was more enjoyable if it was shared with a loved one, I didn’t feel sad anymore.  I could now go on and make of the whole season and Christmas day even more special for me and my boys, it was ours, I was no longer Santa.


Many more Christmas mornings have come over the years and we open our presents appreciating each other.  We’ve talked about the beauty of the season and its meaning, we’ve talked about empathy, compassion, service, unity and love for one another, we’ve done volunteering and spread the holiday cheer!



Everything that happens to us is an opportunity for growth, it has unlimited potential to be turned into something great.  Sending love to all Moms out there!

Merry Christmas!



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